We are a boutique investment-banking firm based in Jakarta-Indonesia and provide funding and advisory services to companies primarily operating in the South East Asia region. Our firm has clocked in years of fine track records and market insights from mergers, acquisitions, and divestments to a pre-IPO company restructuring in Indonesia.

Through our experience in interacting with our clients and counterparties, we have identified the need for practical financial skills for executives in both the financial and real sectors. Furthermore, the challenges faced by today’s businesses demand that their executives in both the finance and operations side are skilled if-not savvy on fundamental finance and investment knowledge relevant to their work.

In order to bridge the need of successful executives for relevant high-quality financial certifications, Fidelitas Consult through its partners’ comprehensive experience in the business and finance education has designed courses that are rich in case-studies and in-class MBA style discussions that are relevant to our course takers’ field of work and sufficiently prepares them to pass CISI’s (Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments) exams.

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